Fountain Square

A few years ago a complex of fountains was installed on Kamal Square in honor of 1000 th
anniversary of the city of Kazan. It was a very good project and now this place is very popular
among citizens and guests of the city. Fountain Square is a “must see” sight among the tourists
when they come to Kazan. The fountains are situated near the main attraction of the Tatar capital
– the Kazan Kremlin.

The symmetrical composition includes 22 fountains. All of them have a complex LED
illumination that makes the fountains look even more impressive in the darkness. The square
with the fountains is free of charge so everybody can admire its beauty and take pictures here.
The water streams are pushed up and fall down in the form of the tulip flower, so the whole
complex of the fountains looks really great. This interesting fall of water, its original
illumination and music attracts a lot of spectators and excites by all this performance. Children
are especially happy to run around the fountains and play with the splashes of water.

Citizens and guests of the city can admire the fountains all the year round, as the fountains are
well-equipped so they do not freeze in any season. The square with the fountains is situated on
the Bolaq River that runs across the whole city. The main and the most picturesque stream of the
fountain complex rises 50 metres high and falls down beautifully forming myriads of splashes.

Address: Kazan, Tatarstan st., H.1

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