Kazan Oceanarium

The first Oceanarium in Kazan and in the Volga region was opened in 2014. It is situated on the first floor of the Barionix water park. Its construction cost around 300 million rubles. The first what you see on the first floor when they come here is the colorful installation of the sea bottom. Then you enter the oceanarium through the toothy mouth of a huge fish and find yourself in the hall with 3D images of the famous cartoon characters – SpongeBob and his friends.

The oceanarium occupies the territory of ​​1500 square meters. There are about 3000 inhabitants here including different fish, crocodiles, amphibians (turtles, lizards and iguanas), mammals (otters, seals), different kinds of swans. The pride of the oceanarium is the Humboldt penguins, which are listed in the Red Book.

The entrance of the oceanarium is made in the form of the angler fish’s mouth, when you enter you see a fairy oak tree with a lake. Here you find the longest aquarium in Europe (52 m) with freshwater inhabitants, the tunnel with sharks and the pond with crocodiles, that you can see very close. All this gives you a lot of pleasant discoveries.

In the centre of the oceanarium there is a hall where guests can try to catch and feed fish. The hall is made in the form of the lake, surrounded by the trees that grow between islands. You can go from one island to another along the bridges. Then you pass a glass tunnel with sharks and a huge turtle. You enter the hall, where stingrays live and you are invited to walk along the transparent glass floor and watch the fish and animals swimming under your feet.

The main attraction of the Kazan oceanarium is the penguins. This is the most expensive animals here, their cost is tens of thousands of dollars. And this is not surprising. The Humboth Penguins are listed in the Red book. There are only about 12 000 pinguins left in the nature.

Also in the oceanarium you will meet cayman crocodiles, stingrays, iguanas, sea otters and a seal with the name Semenovna. A small “surprise” from the oceanarium in Kazan is the opportunity to get into the cage with crocodiles, to watch these terrifying predators “face to face”. Don’t worry, the glass dome will protect you, but the emotions you feel are unforgettable.

The oldest inhabitant of the oceanarium is the 130-year-old land tortoise.

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