• Entrance fee – 300 rub./person
  • Children under 7— free of charge
  • Height — 100 metres
  • View panorama — circular
  • Excursion time — 09.00 — 21:00 (every 45 minutes)

Kazan is a big and beautiful city visited by thousands of people from other regions of our country and from abroad. The panorama of the city attracts and fascinates, shows Kazan in all its beauty and greatness. One of the best places to appreciate the city is the observation platform of the Grand Hotel Kazan, from where you can see the farthest districts of the capital of Tatarstan. The hotel is situated in the very centre of Kazan and it attracts a lot of tourists though it is not the highest building of the city.

It is unusual that there is a helicopter platform on the roof of the hotel that makes this building more attractive. It is especially interesting to visit the observation platform together with a group of tourists and to listen to the guide who will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the building of the hotel and about the city of Kazan. For safety reason people under drug or alcohol intoxication are not allowed on the platform. Children must be accompanied by adults. Guests of the Grand Hotel Kazan can visit the observation platform for free. For other visitors entrance fee is 300 rub/ person. Very often just married couples come to the platform to take wonderful picture at the background of magnificent city of Kazan.

When the weather is bad or when helicopters land here, the platform is closed so it is better to plan and time the excursion on the platform in advance. No doubt it is a good idea to visit the observation platform in the Grand Hotel Kazan during your tour around the city.

Address: Kazan, Peterburgskaya st., 1

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