Fairy night lights of Kazan

In the evening Kazan looks different and becomes bright and beautiful. In the night lights the great city seems fantastic and fabulous: just admire the Kremlin lights ( the Suyumbike Tower and Kul-Sharif Mosque in blue colors), the Palace of Farmers with its enormous tree 23 metres high on the central facade, Kazan Giant cooking pot (Kazan marriage registry office), Kazan Puppet Theatre “Ekiyat”, squares and parks – all these illuminated by old – fashioned lanterns.

You can’t help admiring modern football stadium Kazan-Arena with the biggest outside screen in Europe. The Water Sports Palace looks like appearing from ancient Kazan legends. Admire the view of the miraculous Family Centre Kazan. All this will excite even experienced travelers!

Walking around Kazan at night is great in any season, when you are impressed by the view of beautiful and interesting buildings and towers lighted by different colours, bridges with fantastic lanterns. This fabulous atmosphere of the great city will remain in your heart and you are surely to come back to Kazan some day!

In the darkness of the night the city of Kazan seems different and turns into a beautiful girl ready for the Great Ballroom Party. The necklace of the lanterns and lights is put on. That is what you feel and see while walking around Kazan in the evening!

  • Visiting Universiade facilities, Lake Kaban, Millennium Park, Millennium Bridge, the Bolaq channel, Svobody Square, The National Culture Centre “Kazan”, Fuksovskiy Garden, the Lenin Dam
  • Old-Tatar Sloboda, the Marjani Mosque, illuminated cascades of fountains near the State Drama Theatre of G.Kamal
    Tatar village Tugan Avylym in the city centre, Kazan University, the banks of the Kazanka river, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food the Republic of Tatarstan ,Opera Theatre, Kazan city Hall, Conservatory
  • Pedestrian Bauman Street and St.-Petersburgskaya Street, the Kazan Kremlin

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You will visit:
  • Signing fountains, situated on Lake Kaban, near the Theatre of G.Kamal. Illuminated water streams rush at the height of 50 metres and you can see the water dancing to the music
  • Pushkin Street is the historical street of Kazan, here you can find monuments to Pushkin, Butlerov, Vakhitov, Gumilev, Tukai and Lenin
  • The Gorky entertainment Park that was the place of rest for the citizens in the 19th century. Near the entrance of the park you can see the monument to the Unknown Soldier. In 2014 the Illuminated Musical fountain was opened here
  • The Palace of Farmers, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city of Kazan, that is situated not far from the Kazan Kremlin and the Kremlin Embankment. Ministry of Agriculture and Food is situated in the Palace
  • Kazan Circus, this is a unique building that looks like a giant flying saucer
  • Kazan Family Centre, the marriage registration hall. This is a unique miraculous building designed in the form of a wok (kazan) supported by the stone foundation
  • The Millennium Bridge is a modern bridge that looks especially beautiful in the night time. The letter “M” in the central part of the bridge originates from the first letter of the word “Millennium” and from Meñyıllıq , the Tatar for thousand years old
  • The Puppet Theatre “Ekiyat” is a theatre for children. The visitors admire not only plays but also its unusual fairy architecture
  • Kazan Arena is one of the biggest stadiums in Russia; this is the home stadium for the Kazan football team “Rubin”
  • Bolaq Chanel is one of the chief sights of Kazan. It divides the two streets into Right Bolaq and Left Bolaq. At the end of the 19th century there were seven bridges built across the channel. Only one of them “the Bridge of Tears” is preserved till our days
  • Svobody Square is the place where important municipal events, exhibitions and competitions take place. The Victory Parade is also held here for many years
  • The Opera and Ballet Theatre is the Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet theatre named after Musa Dzhalil – one of the biggest music theatres in Russia. Here you can see the Russian traditions, world and tatar national Music culture
  • The Kazan Kremlin is the chief sight of the Republic of Tatarstan, now it is the object of the UNESCO heritage. The whole territory of the Kremlin is the museum-reserve where a lot of museums, Kul Sharif Mosque, Suyumbike Tower and other historical places are found
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  • Bus rent for 2 hours
  • Guide services within the excursion program
  • Bus insurance
  • Support
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