Kazan Theatre life

During our excursion you will find out about the most famous theatres of the Tatar capital with a chance to visit some of them. Theatrical art appeared in Kazan in the 18th century. First theatres were home stagings in rich houses, and then the first city theatres appeared. Later on people could enjoy operas, ballets and drama performances. All the spectacles were shown both in Russian and Tatar. Nowadays most of the Kazan theatres also give performances in the Tatar and Russian languages with the simultaneous translation into Russian and English.

M. Dzhalil Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre was burnt down and reconstructed several times. People needed theatres in all the times, even during the wars and hunger periods, when the country survived through hard political times and when the government changed. In spite of everything theatre performances gave people a little freedom and enriched their hearts and minds. After the Revolution the actors of the State Academic Theatre named after Galiaskar Kamal travelled around the Republic trying to reduce the number of ignorant and alliterated people. Now Kazan is extremely famous for the festivals held here. We mention International Opera Festival named after F. Shalyapin. It is traditionally held in February on the birthday of the talented bass singer and gathers a lot of theatrical and ordinary theatre-lovers from other Russian and Foreign cities and theatres . In May we can enjoy the International Festival of Classical Ballet named after R. Nuriyev. In the beginning of summer you can visit the international theatre Festival of Turkic peoples “Nauruz” where all the prominent national drama actors, celebrities and agents are united.

Classical theatrical art in Kazan is represented by the M. Dzhalil Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre and the Russian Bolshoi Drama Theatre of V. Kachalov. Both of them are the oldest in Kazan and are more than 200 years old. The leading Tatar theatre is the State Academic Theatre named after Galiaskar Kamal. Its repertoire mostly consists of the performances on the works of the Tatar writers, but with some exceptions of course.

The youngest spectators adore performances in the Tatar State Puppet Theatre “Ekiyat”, its building looks like a dreamy castle. School students like to visit the Kazan State Theatre of Young Viewer “Rovesniki”

  • M. Dzhalil Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre
  • State Academic Theatre named after Galiaskar Kamal
  • Drama Theatre of V. Kachalov
  • Kazan State Theater of Young Viewer
  • Theatre named after K.Tinchurin
  • Puppet Theatre “Ekiyat”
  • Theatre “At Bolaq”
  • Tatar State Philharmonic Hall

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You will visit:
  • M. Dzhalil Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre. This is one of the biggest musical theatres in Russia, the place where Russian, world and Tatar national musical traditions are kept. The repertoire of the theatre includes both masterpieces of the world classic and great works of the composers of the Republic of Tatarstan. Nowadays the theatre follows the latest trends of the world musical theatre life.
  • The Theatre named after Kamal. One of the most popular theatres in the capital of Tatarstan. is the State Academic Theatre named after Galiaskar Kama whichl is more than 100 years old, a few generations of the Kazan citizens admired its performances.
  • The Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Kachalov , with its history of more than 200 years. Its great repertoire contains the best works of the world and Russian classical and modern drama. A lot of great stage highly professional masters work in the theatre for many years.
  • Kazan State Theater of Young Viewer. It is situated in the nice old building in the centre of the city in Ostrovskiy Street. The theatre works since 1932. года. Now the troupe of the theatre is very experienced. A lot of famous actors and stage-directors started here, a lot of great performances were staged in this theatre.
  • The Tinchurin Tatar State Theatre of Drama and Comedy. The building where the theatre is situated now, appeared at the beginning of the 20th century on the project of architect Amlong. Before the building was given to the theatre it was the house of the governmental and public organizations. The architectural style of the building is neoclassical of the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Puppet Theatre “Ekiyat”, one of the leading puppet theatres in Russia. Nowadays about 100 people work here. 29 actors of the theatre work both in the Russian and Tatar languages. The repertoire contains more than 40 performances – fairy-tales of peoples of the world, historical and modern plays and others.
  • Theatre “At Bolaq”, the Youth theatre that is considered the most unusual in Kazan. The actors of the theatre try to be original and different from their colleagues. They are famous for improvisations, daring and noisy performances. All the actors are very young, not older than 25 years old. The core of the troupe is the students of the Kazan Theater School.
  • Tatar State Philharmonic – Philharmonic named after Gabdulla Tukay, one of the biggest concert organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan and the city of Kazan. It was founded on August 21, 1937. The foundation of the Philharmonic started the new period in the development of the national musical culture.
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  • Bus insurance
  • Support
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