Bus Sightseeing Tour

During the bus sightseeing tour along Kazan you will see the historical centre of the city: the Kazan Kremlin, the Bogoroditsky Monastery this is the place where the Kazan Icon of Mother of God is found,the Architectural ensemble of Kazan University – one of the oldest universities in Russia.

You will walk along the tree pedestrian streets in Kazan: Bauman Street, Peterburgskaya Street, Kayum Nasyri Street. You will see Millenium Park and Black Lake Park.

You will visit Old-Tatar Sloboda –the place where original tatar people used to live, and the banks of Lake Kaban, on the bottom of which the treasures of Kazan khans lie. The whole tour will be accompanied by the stories about the past and the present days of this great city, its culture and multinational peoples, by the legends and traditions, you will find out about famous people who used to live and visit Kazan in different times. You will also visit mosques and churches situated along our way.

You will admire the beauty of Kazan architecture. Our professional licensed guide will tell you fascinating stories about the city of Kazan. While visiting interesting places you will be able to make beautiful memorable photos.
You will hear about the foundation of Kazan, how the city developed during khan’s times and after it was conquered by Ivan the Terrible, you will find out about the present history of the Republic of Tatarstan.

During the tour along Kazan you will have an opportunity to see famous sights of the city which is more than 1000 years old, where the cultures of the West and the East are combined and united.

  • Old-Tatar Sloboda, where the original tatar people had lived since the XVI century, the oldest Marjani Mosque, the Fountain Cascade, Lake Kaban– its mysteries and legends, Cloth Hall – the industrial transformation of Peter I, the stylish little village “Tugan avylym” (native village), the Puppet Theatre, The tram Museum in the open air
  • Svobody Square and its attractions – The City hall, the Concert hall, the Opera and Ballet Theatre, “The White House ” of Tatarstan, Black Lake. From the Square near the National Culture Centre there is a magnificent view to the sporting facilities of Universiade 2013
  • Cathedral of St.Peter and Paul built in 1723- 1726 in memory of the visit of Peter I. Bogoroditsky Monastery  and the miraculous Kazan Icon of Mother of God, that was returned from Vatican to Russia under the will of Pope of Rome. Kazan University, Kremlyovskaya Street, Millenium Park
  • The tour along Peterburgskaya street and Bauman Street: Church of the Epiphany, The Kazan Print House, a sculpture of the Kazan Cat, the carriage of Catherine II, the Shalyapin Chamber Hall, the “navel” of the city of Kazan
  • The tour along Bolaq and its bridges (Lozhkinskiy, Lebedevskiy, Romanovskiy), the Palace of Farmers, the banks of the Kazanka River
  • The excursion to the Kazan Kremlin – the heart of the Republic of Tatarstan: May 1 square, the National Museum, The city Hall, Kremlin Spasskaya Tower, The Savior’s Transfiguration monastery, the Cannon Yard Museum, The Governor’s Palace, Cathedral of the Annunciation(with the excursion), Leaning Suyumbike Tower, mausoleum of the Kazan khans. You will see a magnificent panorama of the city and the rivers around it. You will hear the legends of the city, you will see its unique monuments. The culmination of the excursion program is the pearl of the Kazan Kremlin – the main mosque of the Tatar Republic – Kul Sharif Mosque (with the excursion inside)
  • Visiting shops of the local producers

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You will visit:
  • Old-Tatar Sloboda that is one of the historical sights in the very centre of Kazan. It was inhabited and built up immediately after Kazan was joint to Moscovia in 1552. The industrious tatar people filled this swampy territory, built up houses, mosques, markets, workshops and factories. The tatars who took part in the siege of Kazan became the first inhabitants of Sloboda
  • Lake Kaban where the chest with innumerous treasures is situated. The legend says that the chest was hidden on the bottom of the lake during the siege of Kazan
  • The central streets of the city of Kazan that were visited by Pushkin, Gorky, Tolstoy and other outstanding people of culture and art
  • The Exaltation of the Cross Church with the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, one of the most revered shrines in Russia. In 2004 Vatican returned the Kazan Icon to Patriarch Alexy II and since that time thousands of pilgrims and tourists come here to touch the miraculous icon
  • National complex “Tugan Avylym” that means “Native Village” in the Tatar language. Here you can find a restaurant with the traditional tatar cuisine, a pancake café with the Russian stove and guest houses decorated in the Tatar style, you can attend different master-classes and interactive programs
  • The Kazan Kremlin is the chief sight of the Republic of Tatarstan, now it is the object of the UNESCO heritage. The whole territory of the Kremlin is the museum-reserve where a lot of museums, Kul Sharif Mosque, Suyumbike Tower and other historical places are found
Included in the price:
  • Bus rent for 4 hours (the performer’s transport)
  • Guide services within the excursion program
  • Bus insurance
  • Support
  • For extra fee tickets to the Kazan Kremlin cost 70 rubles / person
The cost of the tour
The cost of the tour for 1 person
The size of the group Transport company The transport of the customer
40 people 340 р. 130 р.
30 people 430 р. 150 р.
18 people 540 р. 200 р.
7 people 799 р. 799 р.
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