Secrets of the Kazan Mosques

Kazan was founded more than 1000 years ago as a Muslim city. People here always built mosques and special religious schools nearby for the study of the Islamic religion – madrasah. After Ivan the Terrible captured the great city, Tatar people who didn’t accept Christianity, had to live outside the city walls – so Old Tatar Sloboda appeared, Even now here national traditions and a lot of mosques are still found. During the times of Catherine II the religion of Islam became popular in Kazan again. Local people adored the Monarch and called her Ebi Patsha (grandmother-r queen). Catherine II issued the decree regarding tolerance to different religions and in the Tatar region a lot of mosques opened again.

After the Revolution Islam was depressed, mosques were closed and their buildings were used as kindergartens, schools and libraries. The only functioning mosque left was Marjani Mosque (named after Shigabutdin Marjani – a historian who was the leader of the mosque and madrasah for more than 40 years). Other mosques started functioning again only in 1990s. Now we can admire beautiful ancient mosques dated back to the 18-19th centuries here.

Nowadays Islam is flourishing in the very heart of Russia. We start our excursion with Old Tatar Sloboda. This is a unique part of Kazan, the centre of the Tatar culture preserved from the middle Ages times. Old Tatar Sloboda is situated in the historic part of the city on the banks of Bolaq Chanel and picturesque lake Kaban. Here you can find interesting architecture in Mauritanian style of Zakabannaya Mosque with its red tower. In the centre of Sloboda there is wonderful Azimov Mosque built in the baroque style. And of course we can’t but say about the most famous place here – Kul Sharif Mosque which is the symbol of Kazan. You will discover its unique architecture, where every detail is significant; you will admire beautiful and rich decorations inside.

During our excursion around Muslim Kazan you will find out the main ideas of Islam, you will know its history in the Volga region, you will get acquainted with the customs and traditions of the Tatar families. This excursion is an exciting journey inside the spiritual world of the great city and in the religious history of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan as a whole.

  • We start with Old Tatar Sloboda (Karl Fuchs, Sennoj market, merchant houses – the Shamil house of Yunusov-Apanaev house, Apanaev Mosque, Safjan Street and an improvised open-air museum, Burnaev Mosque, Azimov Mosque, Krestovnikov Plant in the eastern corner of the city, Blue Mosque). We will learn about the history of these buildings, about the lifestyle and culture of the history of the tatar people , about their past and the present. We will visit the oldest Mosque – Marjani Mosque (Marjani House, Tatar Publishing House, Kayum Nasyri Museum)
  • Spiritual Centre of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Lunch in the city café (halal)
  • Shopping in the stores with Muslim goods. Excursion to the Nurulla Mosque
  • The Kazan Kremlin. The Museum of Islamic culture and the Tatarstan Museum of Natural History
  • Excursion to one of the biggest mosques in Europe – Kul Sharif Mosque in the Kazan Kremlin
  • Visiting shops of the local producers

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You will visit:
  • Old-Tatar Sloboda that is one of the historical sights in the very centre of Kazan. It was inhabited and built up immediately after Kazan was joint to Moscovia in 1552. The industrious tatar people filled this swampy territory, built up houses, mosques, markets, workshops and factories.
  • The Marjani Mosque, a monument of culture and history of the Tatar people. The building of the mosque that started in 1767-1770 was the beginning of religious tolerance in Russia. In the construction of the Marjani Mosque the architecture of the medieval style is joint with the minaret on the roof, the traditional Tatar decorative ornaments are combined with the “Petersburg” baroque style in the design of facades and interiors.
  • The Kayum Nasyri Museum, devoted to the to the life and work of ethnographer, linguist, writer and enlightener of the XIX century Kayum Nasyri . He published more than 40 works during 50 years of his scientific, literary and pedagogical activities. His works in the Tatar linguistics were the beginning of comprehensive theoretical development of the Tatar language.
  • The Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan, an official Muslim organization in the Republic. The residence of its head is the mufti is situated in Kazan. The organization was founded in February of 1998. There are 1247 mahallas, 12 religious schools (madrassas) and a Muslim school in the organization.
  • The wooden Mosque “Nury”, that was built in 1999 and that possess 2 rooms (for men and women), its lobby is made in the form of the enfilade. The mihrab and the ends of the crescent are oriented for Mecca. On the façade the mihrab is marked by the small tower with the crescent.
  • Kul Sharif Mosque, the main mosque of Kazan and the whole Republic of Tatarstan. This is one of the biggest mosques in Europe, which is situated on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. The new building of the mosque was made on donations of more than 40 thousand ordinary people and organizations.
  • The Museum of Islamic culture. It occupies 2 halls with the territory of 566 square metres. This is the only museum in the country devoted to the history and culture of Islam among the Turc-Tatar peoples and the peoples of the Volga and the Urals. The exhibitions of the museum show the Muslim civilization of the Volga region: from Bulgar to Kazan, the Islam religion from the era of reforms to the modern times ( from the second half of the XVIII to the beginning of the XXI century), the book culture of the Tatar people.
Included in the price:
  • Bus rent for 3 hours
  • Guide services within the excursion program
  • Bus insurance
  • support
  • for extra fee tickets to the Kayum Nasyri Museum (150 rub./person), The Museum of Islamic culture (150 rub./person)
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18 people 620 р. 290 р.
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3 people 2 900 р. 900 р.
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