Talanted people and their fans: Literary Kazan

The city of Kazan with its great beauty and history always inspired many Russian writers and poets famous all over the world. During our excursion we will visit the places connected with the lives of these outstanding people in Kazan and we will listen to the fragments from their works. There are a lot of talented people who contributed much into the both Russian and Tatar literature: Alexander Pushkin, Gabdulla Tukai, Leo Tolstoy, Maxim Gorky, Vasilij Aksenov, Musa Dzhalil, Alexander Herzen, Evgeny Baratynsky.

Alexander Pushkin came to Kazan because of his love for freedom and history. He visited placed connected with Pugatchev and listened to the stories of the witnesses of Pugatchev’s riot. Now in Kazan we find two houses where Pushkin used to live when visiting the city. These are the house of doctor Karl Fuchs and the house of writer Pertsov.

Old-Tatar Sloboda is also connected with the names of talented writers and poets. Such outstanding people as Gabdulla Tukay, Shigabutdin Marjani, Kayum Nasyri lived and worked here. Hero of the Soviet Union and the author of the Moabit Notebooks Musa Dzhalil went to the front from Kazan to struggle against fascists.

The names of Radishchev and Derzhavin, Korolenko and Mayakovsky are also closely related to the great city. French writer Alexander Duma also visited Kazan. Great Russian poet Evgeny Evtushenko famous all over the world wrote the poem “University of Kazan”, this is a kind of a textbook on the history of the University and the city itself.

  • Bus sightseeing tour around Kazan
  • Kazan University, where many famous poets and writers used to study
  • Walking along Gorky Street
  • Visiting the Literary Memorial Museum of Gorky
  • M. Dzhalil Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre on Svobody Square, monuments to Tukai and Pushkin
  • Museum E Baratynsky
  • Visiting the ethnographic salon “With Musa” with tea drinking in the Museum office of Musa Dzhalil
  • Excursion to Literary Museum Gabdulla Tukai (on request)
  • The Kazan Kremlin
  • Visiting shops of the local producers

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You will visit:
  • Kazan University, one of the oldest universities in Kazan. Our guide will tell you the history of the university you will find out about interesting facts from the life of famous people, who got their education here.
  • The Museum office of Musa Dzhalil , that occupies two semidetached flats. One part is a memorial and an exhibition hall. In the other part you can visit a literary and music saloon. Hero and poet of the Soviet Union Musa Dzhalil lived here from October 1940 to July 1941.
  • The Museum of Gorky. The museum occupies a two-storied building of the late 19th century where the bakery was located. Maxim Gorky came to Kazan in 1884 to enter the Kazan University. After he failed at the exams, he worked as a porter in the port, then as a gardener and a janitor for a general’s wife, as an apprentice baker etc. Later on the writer often described this period of his life in the works.

    The Gabdulla Tukai Literary Museum. Here we can get acquainted with the editions of Gabdulla Tukai’s works, his photos, we see the newspapers and magazines, with which the poet worked, his personal things and the death mask of G. Tukai.

  • The Boratynskiy’s Museum, situated in the old manor house that was built at the end of the 18th century. In the exhibition halls numerous meeting and events are held to honor poet Boratynskiy. The museum is one of the favourite museums among the citizens. The lifetime portrait of Lev Tolstoy is also kept here.
Included in the price:
  • Bus rent for 4 hours
  • Excursion with the guide
  • Bus insurance
  • Support
  • For extra fee visit of the 2 museums(150*2=300 rub./person):The Tukai Museum , the Gorky Museum, the Boratynskiy Museum and the Nasyri Museum
The cost of the tour
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18 people 600 р. 300 р.
7 people 1 260 р. 700 р.
3 people 1 360 р. 830 р.
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