Secrets of the Tatar cuisine

Price – 500 руб./чел.
Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes
Number of people – from 12 to 40

Tatar cuisine is not only original and rich, but also very healthy from the point of view of modern science of nutrition. Tatar people carefully keep the secrets of their national dishes, passing them from generation to generation.

Culinary traditions of the Tatar cuisine have been developing for more than a hundred years. While keeping its unique features, a lot was changed: the Tatar cuisine was improved enriched with new knowledge and products, that the Tatar people learned from their neighbors.

From the Turkic tribes of the Volga Bulgaria the Tarar cuisine still keeps katyk, bal-my, cabartma. From the Chinese cuisine meat dumplings and tea were borrowed. The Uzbek cuisine gave pilaf, halva and sherbet. Pahleve came from Tajikistan. Since ancient times Tatar people have been engaged in settled agriculture and cattle breeding. This determined a lot of flour, meat and dairy dishes in the meals, but the Tatar cuisine is especially rich in different pies and a variety of pastries.

During the masterclass you will try yourself as a cook and learn how to cook the most popular Tatar national dishes: pie “echpochmak” and “tokmach” – noodles for soup. You will find out how much honey is needed for “chak-chak” – and raisins for “gubadiya” (sweet pie). And the most pleasant part of the masterclass is that you can taste all these delicious things.

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