The Art of Arabic Calligraphy

Ticket – 100 руб./school students, 200 руб./adult
Duration – 1 hour
Number of people – from 8 to 35

Arab writing attracts attention, it looks unreal, it reminds pictures made by the artist’s thin brush. Arabic Calligraphy is like harmonious elegant patterns. Linguists and calligraphers agree that the Arabic script is one of the most beautiful in the world. For more than 1000 years, Arabic graphics have been a traditional way of writing for our ancestors. A lot of works of the classics of Tatar literature were written with the help of this script.

Arabic letters are the soft and sculpturesque and very often they are distorted. But in spite of this they do not lose their meaning and people can read them. You can see it when looking at the work of Arab calligraphers, who describe very complicated objects with well-read texts. In this case the Arabic calligraphy is the most unique alphabet.

At the masterclass “The Art of Arabic Calligraphy” you will find out about the Arabic alphabet and learn to write Arabic letters and words correctly.

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