Museum of Islamic Culture

The Museum of Islamic culture is situated in the basement of the Kul Sharif mosque. The exposition of the museum occupies two halls with the total area of 566 m 2. This is the only museum in the country devoted to the history and culture of Islam among the Turkic-Tatar peoples and the peoples of the Volga and the Urals.

The main purposes of the museum are educational, research and educational activities, the identification and collection of the museum items according to the history and culture of Islam and Islamic civilization in the Middle Volga, the study and public presentations of these collections.

    The following expositions are represented in the museum:

  • Muslim civilization of the Volga region: from Boulgar to Kazan
  • Islam from the reformism time to the present days (second half of the XVIII century – beginning of the XXI century)
  • Literary culture of the Tatar people
  • The new exposition is equipped with multi-media exhibits:

  • The interactive “While reading Koran” is the central exhibit of the Museum. It demonstrates the “Kazan edition” of the Holy Book, which is famous for the fact that the Arabian text of the Koran published in Kazan in 1803 was the first edition made by the Muslims themselves. Here you can listen to the sounds of the suras of the Koran, see the modern editions and facsimiles of unique manuscripts of the Holy Book of Muslims, that are stored in the funds of the Museum “Kazan Kremlin”
  • Installation “Kazan Kremlin in the XV-XXI centuries.” (The reconstruction of the architectural look of the “Kazan Kremlin” in 3D format)
  • Interactive window in the “Cabinet of the Enlightener” with the views of the old Kazan
  • Project “Lesson in the madrasah” (shakirds learn athan – call to the prayer)
  • Computer installation “Singing shamail”
  • 11 data tablets, completing the series of thematic blocks of the exposition

Address: Kremlyovskaya Street, house 2

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