National Gallery of Art Khazine

The National Art Gallery Khazine was opened in 2005. Now the visitors enjoy the exhibitions of works of decorative and applied art, paintings, graphics, sculptures created by artists of Kazan and the Kazan Province, the Republic of Tatarstan in the 19th-21st centuries. Here you can also see works of Soviet art.

The exhibits show not only different aspects of the life in the Republic of Tatarstan – you admire its nature in landscapes and stilllife pictures, the most important events of the history reflected in the works of art, the usual life in pictures of everyday genre. Here you also see a bright individuality of the artists themselves through their manner of work in different styles: from realism to the avant-garde.

The main treasures of the collection “Khazine” are the works of N. Feshin, P. Benkov, P. Radimov, V. Timofeev; the collection of the Kazan avant-garde of the 1910s-1930s, including works of K. Chebotarev, I. Pleschinsky, F. Tagirov, A. Korobkova, V. Vilkoviskaya; the works of B. Urmanche, H. Yakupov, I. Zaripov, N. Kuznetsov, K. Maximov, A. Prokopiev, V. Malikov.

Besides the permanent exhibition of fine art, you can also see thematic and personal exhibitions of artists of Tatarstan, of other regions of Russia and other countries. Around 25 exhibitions are held in the Khazine Gallery each year.

Address: Kremlyovskaya Street, House 2

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