City panorama
  • Adult ticket – 500 rubles
  • Pensioners and school students – 250 rubles
  • School students in groups – 200 rubles

When you are having a tour around Kazan, it is very interesting to visit “City Panorama” exhibition centre where you can see an enormous layout of the old city. Both children and adults will be impressed by precise detailed view of the streets, houses and the Kazan Kremlin and will be able to have a bird’s-eye view of the city. Such an unusual exhibition allows the visitors to see the houses and buildings of Kazan and to appreciate different architectural ideas.

Besides the large model of the city which is illuminated in the dark time, visitors also see modern city of Kazan on the multimedia screen. With the help of augmented reality you can meet historical characters from the past in 3D model; it gives the effect of full presence. You can also find out how the cinema era started, you can see the circular panorama and various things from the past, made in the 19th century.

There is also a special playing zone here, where visitors are involved into different interactive entertainments. “City Panorama” exhibition centre is situated in the city of Kazan in Dzerzhinsky st., 7. The exhibition is excellent for both children and adults. The entrance fee is not high, so everybody is welcomed here.

Address: Dzerzhinsky st., 7

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