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Goluboe (Blue) lake

The name of “Goluboe” lake stands for a few natural wonderful ponds situated in the Aviastroitelny district in the suburbs of Kazan. The scientists think that these lakes appeared about 200 years ago in the drops of the karst rocks and then they were filled with spring water. The territory around the lakes is not polluted so the water remains clean and transparent. Tourists come to the lakes and admire the natural beauty of the place.
The water in the lakes contains a lot of sulphite and sulfate salts, potassium calcium; all this makes it taste sea water. There are no fish here but a lot of beavers, muskrats, snakes, frogs, as well as Red Book Scorpions live near the lakes. The water has pleasant blue color because of special salty mud at the bottom of the lakes. This mud also makes the waters good for health. It is interesting that the water is always cold here, even in summer it is +4 — +7°С. So very few people are ready to swim and bathe in the lakes.

The territory around the lakes is protected; it occupies the area of more than 1000 hectares. Birches, pines and aspens grow here and make the place especially beautiful. So people like to walk near the lakes, breathe in fresh air and listen to the birds signing. You can use either personal or city transport to get here. If you use city transport you have to walk a few kilometers to get to the lakes. But don’t worry, you won’t be lost as there are signs everywhere and there are good walking paths. No doubt the trip will be very pleasant.

It is best of all to see all the three lakes: Bolshoe, Maloe and Protochnoe. Each of them is unique. The three lakes are situated near each other and they are joint by the channels. The territory on the shores is well kept and there are cabins here for changing the clothes and benches for having a rest.

Address: Kazan, Aviastroitelny district

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