Art of wearing a headscarf

Group to 10 people — 500 rubles for group
Group from 11 to 20 people — 1000 rubles for group
Duration – 1 hour

Oriental culture and Oriental style often attract people from different countries. They seem mysterious, individual and beautiful. Women from Muslim countries follow the traditions since childhood. One of these traditions is wearing a headscarf. For women of Islam it is an obligatory attribute of the clothes.

It is a real art to learn to tie and wear a handkerchief correctly and it goes from one generation to another. There are a lot of ways to tie a handkerchief in a Muslim way, and if properly tied a handkerchief makes a woman beautiful and modern. Wearing a handkerchief helps women not only to keep the traditions, but also to protect the head and the body from the hot sun and a desert wind. No matter what way to wear a handkerchief is used, it is very important that all the hair is hidden. Women often choose a handkerchief made of silk or cashmere with colorful designs and beautiful patterns. Very often a keffiyeh is used to cover a head, which is very popular in the East.

At the masterclass tourists find out about the history of covering heads with hats and headscarves in Europe, Siberia, Central Asia and the East. You also get practical lessons how to tie a handkerchief guided by the master teacher. If tied properly the handkerchief makes any girl or woman beautiful. We are looking forward to your applications for this amazing masterclass “The art of wearing a headscarf.”

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