Riviera Waterpark

Kazan Riviera Aquapark is the largest waterpark in Russia and one of the largest in Europe. Every year more and more tourists come here to rest and to enjoy hot summer and warm water. More than 50 different attractions are created here to fit everybody’s wishes. So you can feel a lot of emotions here and feel magical and healing power of the water!

Those who search for extreme entertainment will appreciate the rapid turns of the slides, from which you can slide again and again feeling your head going around and splashes of water on your face. The bravest and the most desperate tourists set their records and test their strength trying the rapid downhill here.
The whole family or a cheerful friendly company can get into a round boat and fly down through the pipe of the yellow Niagara Slide. A couple of friends can make an incredible descent with unexpected turns from the Anaconda Slide.

To feel the breath of the sea it is not necessary to go to the far coasts: you can enjoy the waves in the wave pool of the Riviera water park in Kazan. Or you can feel the wind surfing the waves in the Flow Rider attraction! Lovers of diving can test a special swimming-pool with the aqualung, exploring underwater depths.
Riviera waterpark has a comfortable depth of the swimming pools, good safe flooring, sea waves and different attractions, Pirate Fort attraction and slides for small children.

The unique “European” swimming pool is open for all the lovers of water entertainment from 9 am to 9 pm. It is 80 meters long. It is a comfortable distance to swim for health, have fun and enjoy discounts (“happy hours” in the evening).

    Slides of the Riviera water park

  • Canyon
  • This is the real lake. When you are in the water, you just need to use your imagination – and you can already hear the murmur of a mountain river, the noise of the waterfall, songs of the exotic birds. There is pirate treasure hidden somewhere in the grotto.

  • Tornado
  • The length of the Tornado slide is about 52 meters – It is real hurricane! The tunnel of the tornado turns you around, sprays water into your face and carries you down at a great speed. If you are not sure of yourself, it’s better not to take risks and choose something calmer!

  • Niagara
  • It is the best to conquer Niagara Falls together with friends. It is so great to sit in a bright yellow “bun” and slide on the water with cheerful squeals. Besides the way down is as long as 211 meters!

  • Anaconda
  • This slide is a long and winding, like the body of a huge snake of 108 meters long. And besides it is really extreme! The three of you go to conquer it, really it is not so scary together.

  • Bermuda slide
  • This slide is 113 metres long, but you can do it only alone. Only brave people who are not afraid of speed or jumps can dare use it. Who knows maybe you are that brave man?

  • “Jump into the depth” Barrel
  • Do you like the depth? Do you like to dive and jump into the water? Then this attraction is for you. Plunge into the blue world of the ocean. Besides you will get a pleasant surprise – you can use an aqualung for your diving! The depth of the barrel is 4 meters.

  • Kamikaze
  • The name of the attraction speaks for itself: this is the fastest slide of the waterpark and not everybody can hold it! Sliding down alone without a boat at a speed of 80 km / h – only kamikaze can think of this! Are you ready to try?

  • Dead Loop
  • This is one more extreme slide for moving down one by one without a boat. You will make a “dead loop” at a tremendous speed. When finishing don’t forget to look at the stopwatch – maybe you set a world record for the duration of the scream! The length of the pipe is 83.2 meters.

  • Black hole
  • The black hole slide frightens and attracts at the same time. You move in the absolute darkness right into nowhere, you feel you hair rising and your heart beating fast! But how nice it is to see the light at the end of the road! The length of the pipe is 110 meters.

  • Children’s slides
  • Here you find merry and safe slides for children. They enjoy bathing here, learn to swim and just play with each other, parents and animators watching them.

In the Riviera water park you can rent a towel for 100 rubles.
* For children under 4 years (or height under 120 cm) admission is free, accompanied by adults.
** The privileged category includes children aged from 13 (or higher than 150 cm) to 17 years old, people with disabilities, students and pensioners. Do not forget the documents to confirm- pension certificate, student ID card, etc.
*** The tariff “2 hours” is offered to visitors only after 19:00.
Extra time in the water park (for tariffs 4 hours and 2 hours) is paid additionally at the rate of: 8 rubles per minute.
The groups of 10 people *, applied beforehand get discounts for “Full Day” and “4 hours” tariffs. Private groups that have arrived without a preliminary request are not given discounts.
* Children under 5 years old and children 120 cm or lower are not considered the members of the groups, the discount is given only to the groups that booked a visit to the water park at least 1 day before the date of arrival.
Those who have birthday are given an individual discount of 30% within a week before and a week after the birthday if the documents to confirm it is shown (guests are not given discount).
Children under the age of 17 years are admitted to the water park only when accompanied by adults aged 18 and over.

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