If you decide to visit the city of Kazan with its attractions, you will surely have an interesting and fascinating trip and get a mass of new emotions and impressions. Kazan is one of the biggest and the most beautiful cities of the country, standing in one row with such great places as Moscow and St. -Petersburg. Here the guests of Kazan will find and admire the unique culture of the Tatar people and will see numerous architectural monuments.

The tourist company “Semeiny Chemodan” is happy to offer cheap bus sightseeing tours to the city of Kazan with guide services both for children and adults. We give you a wide choice of excursion programs that include not only visiting historical places and famous attractions but also taking part in different master classes. There are one-day or a few-day tours, when within 2 or 3 days you also visit other famous cities and towns situated not far from Kazan. The most interesting and famous attractions of the city of Kazan are the following:

1. Kazan Kremlin. It is a big historical complex that includes protection walls and the towers and that used to serve as fortification of the city. Inside the Kremlin you will admire beautiful architectural masterpieces – Suyumbike Tower, Cannon Yard with a green park, Museum of History of Statehood of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Annunciation Cathedral that is very well seen from a distance.

2. Bauman Street. It is the centre of Kazan. Here you find a lot of shops, cafes, restaurants and clubs where to spend a good time. It is a pedestrian street and during the holidays and weekends various fairs and performances are held here.

3. The Palace of Farmers. It is a magnificent and unusual building that appeared in the middle of the 19th century. Nowadays Ministry of Agriculture and Food is situated in the Palace. It looks especially impressive at night thanks to the bright backlight.

4. Kazan Arena Stadium. It is a huge football complex that was built in 2013. It has a comfortable area for visitors. Palladium restaurant with panorama observation is also situated here. There are prestigious skyboxes (VIP boxes) and a lot of places to have a snack found in the stadium.

5. The State Puppet Theatre “Ekiyat”. It attracts your attention by very unusual architecture and it looks like a children castle.

6. The Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Dzhalil. The repertoire of the theatre is very wide and it includes famous opera compositions and classical ballet masterpieces and a lot more.

If you are in the city of Kazan, you should walk along Kremlin Embankment of the Kazanka River that is a very comfortable pedestrian area. When going sightseeing along the city of Kazan you will surely try national cuisine in local cafes and restaurants, and take part in interesting master classes.

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