Kazan – Chistopol

If you are going to have e good rest and to usefully spend your time, the company “Semeiny Chemodan” recommends you our excursion program “Kazan -Chistopol”. This tour will let you know a lot about the Republic of Tatarstan, see the main attractions of the region and learn about the culture and traditions of the people of the Republic. You will enjoy your trip in a comfortable, quick and save bus.

Our excursion starts with the city of Kazan and the sightseeing of the main places of capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Tourists will appreciate the beauty of this city, itslong history and its ancient historical buildings. The main attraction is The Kazan Kremlin. Here you will see the Bishop’s house, Cannon yard, a junker school, a manege, Kul Sharif Mosque and the Blagoveshchensk cathedral. From the year of 2000 the Kremlin is the object of the UNESCO heritage.

Our tour continues in the city of Chistopol, situated in the east of the Russkaya Plain, on the banks of the Kama River. The nature is very picturesque here, so no wonder that every year a lot of tourists from all over Russia come to this region to admire old churches, mosques and ancient buildings with wonderful architecture. You can be sure that our excursion will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions and pleasant experience.

It is also possible to visit the settlement of Laishevo, where you can visit the museum of Derzhavin. The expositions of the museum help tourists to learn a lot about the region and the Republic of Tatarstan. In Laishevo you can visit the St. Sophia Cathedral that was built in 1911 in neo-Byzantine style.

    Day 1

  • Meeting at the railway station or at the airport
  • Accommodation in the hotel
  • Bus Sightseeing tour around Kazan. Old Tatar Sloboda – Yunusov Square, the Shamil house, the old houses of the tatar merchants, the oldest stone mosque –Al-Marjani Mosque, Apanaev Mosque, the shortest street of Kazan. Legends of Lake Kaban, the State Drama Theatre of G.Kamal (the history of the foundation of the tatar theatre and its modern life), theatre life and cascade of fountains, the monument “Mysteries Shurale”, the Bolaq River and its bridges. The central streets of the city: Pushkin, Gorky, Karl Marx streets, Gogol and Tolstoy streets. Academic and cultural Kazan. The main buildings of the city and of the Republic, situated in Svobody Square. The Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet theatre named after Musa Dzhalil
  • Visiting the Church with the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and the Kazan Cathedral, Church of St. Sophia and Church of St.Paraskeva, the Cathedral of St.Peter and Paul, that was founded in honor of the celebration of 50th birthday of Tsar Peter I in Kazan.

    Park “Black Lake» and Lovers’ Arch, Kazan Campus and rich Kremlyovskaya Street. Visiting Family Center “Kazan” and the most important sports objecst of the city (The Ice Palace, TatNeft Arena, Rivjera Water Park, The Water Sports Palace, Football Stadium Kazan-Arena with the biggest outside screen in Europe, Palace of single combats). Going along the Millenium Bridge. The tales of Feodorovsky Hill and Arshy field

  • Visiting the Tram Museum in the open air, walking near Puppet Theatre “Ekiyat” and National complex “Tugan Avylym” (Native village)
  • Lunch
  • Excursion to the museum –reserve Kazan Kremlin, the object of the UNESCO heritage since 2000. Visiting the main religious cathedrals of the Republic of Tatarstan – Kul Sharif Mosque and Blagoveschensky Cathedral
  • Excursion to the museum chosen
  • Free time
  • Additional excursion “Night lights of Kazan”
  • Day 2

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Bus tour to Chistopol
  • Tour around the city of Chistopol. You will see St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in 1838. This is the brightest example of the classic style in the orthodox architecture. You will visit the oldest wooden mosque in the Republic of Tatarstan. The Mosque Nur was built in 1857 to replace the old Muslim temple. The Mosque Nur never closed its doors even in the Soviet times and now it is the second great mosque of the Republic after Al- Marjani Mosque. Besides the mosque you can find here 2 Madrasas (for boys and girls). They were built 150 years ago. You will visit the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, that was built in the 19th century. The church was closed in the Soviet period and was used as a prison for political prisoners during the Great Patriotic War
  • Going along the historic centre of the city you will see merchant’s Chukashev house and merchant’s Chelyshev’s house built in the 19th century. You will also admire the most beautiful building of the city – the aristocratic house of merchant Melnikov that was built more than 100 years ago
  • Lunch
  • Excursion to the Pasternak Museum
  • Visiting Historical and memorial and ethnographic Museum Of Gayaz Ishaki
  • Back to Kazan
  • Visiting shops of the local producers
  • Transfer to the railway station or to the airport

Hotel The cost
from 850 р.
from 1 200 р.
from 1 360 р.
from 1 400 р.
from 1 500 р.
from 2 100 р.
from 2 300 р.
from 3 700 р.
from 4 000 р.
You will visit:

    1 day

  • Old-Tatar Sloboda, one of the famous sights of the city. It was built by Ivan the Terrible after the siege of Kazan in 1552. The first people living here were tatars who took part in the siege.
  • Lake Kaban where the chest with innumerous treasures is situated. The legend says that the chest was hidden on the bottom of the lake during the siege of Kazan.
  • The central streets of the city of Kazan that were visited by Pushkin, Gorky, Tolstoy and other outstanding people of culture and art.
  • The Exaltation of the Cross Church with the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, one of the most revered shrines in Russia. In 2004 Vatican returned the Kazan Icon to Patriarch Alexy II and since that time thousands of pilgrims and tourists come here to touch the miraculous icon.
  • National complex “Tugan Avylym” that means “Native Village” in the Tatar language. Here you can find a restaurant with the traditional tatar cuisine, a pancake café with the Russian stove and guest houses decorated in the Tatar style, you can attend different master-classes and interactive programs.
  • The Kazan Kremlin is the chief sight of the Republic of Tatarstan, now it is the object of the UNESCO heritage. The whole territory of the Kremlin is the museum-reserve where a lot of museums, Kul Sharif Mosque, Suyumbike Tower and other historical places are found.
  • Day 2

  • The St. Nicholas Cathedral, one of the most precious architectural and religious places in the Republic.
  • The Mosque Nur, one of the oldest wooden mosques of the Republic of Tatarstan, preserved till our days.
  • The merchant houses built in the 19th century. These are merchant’s Chukashev house and merchant’s Chelyshev’s house.
  • The Memorial Museum of Boris Pasternak, the first museum in Russia devoted to Pasternak. It was opened by the 100 anniversary of the poet. In six halls of the museum you can find out about the life of the great poet, his literary years.
  • In the art gift salon you can find a great variety of the handmade souvenirs and the works of the original crafts.
  • The Skaryatinsky garden, founded in 1867 at the expense of some local merchants . Now this is the citizens’ favourite place for walks and rest.
  • Historical and memorial and ethnographic Museum Of Gayaz Ishaki. You will visit the complex devoted to the outstanding Tatar writer, playwright and journalist Gayaz ishaki in the village of Kutlushkino. Ishaki was born there in 1878. Nowadays we can enjoy a very interesting exposition opened in 1999 that shows the writer’s house, some small shops, a theatre exhibition and a gallery. We can imagine the life of the amazing Tatar writer, whose works are interesting and are still staged.
Included in the price:
  • Bus rent for 2 days
  • Excursion program
  • Entrance ticket for the Kazan Kremlin+ excursion
  • Entrance ticket for the Memorial Museum of Boris Pasternak
  • Excursion to Historical and memorial and ethnographic Museum Of Gayaz Ishaki
  • Lunch in Kazan, lunch in Chistopol
  • Guide services for 2 days
  • Support for 2 days
  • Insurance
  • For extra fee accommodation in the hotel
The cost of the tour
The cost of the tour for 1 person
The size of the group Transport company The transport of the customer
40 people 2 100 р. 1 300 р.
30 people 2 400 р. 1 400 р.
18 people 2 800 р. 1 600 р.
7 people 5 550 р. 2 500 р.
3 people 11 500 р. 4 200 р.
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